Sunday, July 2, 2017

Day One, Part Three

Horse Progress Days, continuing:

Everywhere I went at HPD I saw small groups of people dressed alike (men in shirts and women in dresses all of the same bright color!  They were family groups, it was clear.  I wish I could give you, Reader Dear, a colorful account of talking to one of these clusters and asking about their clothing. 
Oh, I wish that I could!

Now for some random photos.  (Truth be told, they were all random.  But these I'm about to show you will not be labeled or categorized.  They should be pretty self-explanatory.  That means, you know, that you, yourself, will be explaining them to yourself.  If you're not sure what to tell yourself, take your best guess.  Good luck, and (ahem) may the horse be with you!

(Helpful hint: Dear Viewer, there were several tents set up for vendors.  
You could explain to yourself that  they were filled with vendors hawking a wildly eclectic array of items.  (You will have to decide for yourself.  If I tell you that you are correct, it would obviously constitute more than a hint!)

  (Another small clue: There were fields full of equipment that was here for demonstration and for sale.   Viewer Dear, you may want to tell yourself that much of it was newly-invented equipment expressly manufactured for horse farming.  You might even want to add that part of this equipment was shipped all the way from France, and possibly Norway, too). 

And now we come to this final photo. 

 When you're clamoring to know, Viewer Dear, just what are you going to tell yourself is going on here?!

 (Oh, yes.  Of course!  I'll be back when Horse Progress Days has progressed to Day Two])

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