Thursday, July 6, 2017

Day Two, Part One

of Horse Progress Days.
Frankly, Viewer Dear,  I'm tiring of the tale.  So here's a whirlwind jaunt through most of my time at this horsey event, Day Two (the main purpose of my visit being to connect with a dear friend [she of the cheerful toenails] who had traveled from out-of-state specifically to attend this event).

Food.  There was some pretty tasty food at this event.  Forgive me, Viewer Dear, for taking very few photos of the food.  (Fortunately, I feel my faithful followers will fully forgive me).

Transportation.  I've got that covered (though mostly it's of the uncovered sort).

Games.  As well as horses progressing, there appeared to be a very large volleyball tournament in progress.

 And there were the people, the people, all the fascinating folk!


 I got to have a visit with old friends, and chat a bit with new friends.

And then there were the throngs of friends whom I'll never get to call by name (It's pretty certain I'll never have the chance to hear their jokes and stories, learn their little idiosyncrasies.  We'll never get to laugh together and say, "Wow, who would have thought we'd strike up such rapport while at Horse Progress Day?!")

Viewer Dear. There will be One. More. Post regarding Horse Progress Days...........
(just one)

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