Friday, July 7, 2017

Day Two. Part Two.

Horse Progress Days.

It ended with a bang!  Several bangs, in fact.  And some streaks of lightening for added effect.
Yes, Dear Reader, a storm rushed in and abruptly ended the big event! 

I left HPD in the early afternoon,  just missing the first announcements of the impending storm. The Yard Man relayed to me that a state meteorologist had been on hand to inform the planners of the advancing weather disturbance (possibly tornado-strength winds, heavy rain).  When this meterologist gave an estimated arrival time of four o'clock, scheduled seminars and exhibits were moved to earlier time slots.  Announcements were made throughout the afternoon, giving all attendees information and warning.  Lots of people had already headed for home by the time the wind and rain moved in (precisely at four o'clock!) but The Yard Man described a mad dash for cars and buggies or (hopefully safe) refuge from the storm by all those remaining. 

As I was not far from the HPD location during the ferocious storm, I headed back during the aftermath to assess the damages.  Reader Dear, from what I could see, all tents remained in place.  But things were a muddy mess!  The parking area (across the road from the main event) was empty, but (what did I just say) muddy! I pulled just off the road and watched trucks with horse trailers and loads of equipment exiting  the opposite driveway.  

Also leaving were the folks who had waited out the storm and were now setting out on foot or on scooters or bicycles. 


Some were waiting on their hired drivers to pick them up.

Overall, it was clear this event had ended!  And that, Dear Viewer, pretty much wraps up Horse Progress Days!*

*The Yard Man reported that there were a number of trucks that got mired in the mud when attempting to exit the driveway.  Horses had to be hitched to extricate them!  Reader Dear, surely you would agree:  a very fitting closure to Horse Progress Days!                                   


Mountaineer said...

A wonderful day! What I want to know is how many people attended the second day.

KTdid said...

I tried counting, but only got up to nine thousand, four hundred and eighty-one.
Will have to ask that Yard Man for a figure.

KTdid said...

Hey, Mountaineer, the Yard Man tells me there were fourteen thousand attendees on Saturday, Day Two. I'll take his word for it.

Mountaineer said...

Wow! Thanks. When telling of the day, I have been saying over 10,000 attendees, so I was in the ball park.