Saturday, July 15, 2017

Already it's Fine Enough,

celebrating a birthday (with all of one's descendants in attendance) on a superb summer Sunday evening* at the park with a chocolate cake sporting candles and some edible flowers.

Reader Dear, there's a breeze that is keeping things pleasant!
There's a playground nearby!

And then, add generous neighbors! "Would you like some steamed crabs?  They ask.  "We've got way more than we can eat!" And they hand over a heaping bagful!

Dear Reader, it's the kind of serendipity that puts a sparkly little touch to the birthday meal!**

**Handily filling in for the candle flames,
(who will shortly send their regrets via the breeze).



Ultimately, the rating is Super-fine!

*(Nearly a week ago. Reader Dear, I've been running to catch up!)

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sk said...

That lineup! All your beautiful boys!