Monday, July 24, 2017


Viewer Dear,  I am about to show you some of my neighbors who have very distinctive features (I'm trying to say it in a nice way, but they are so ODD!)  Now,  they're not right next door;  they live on a farm about a mile from me and The Yard Man. ) I find them ever so fascinating!

One day in late spring, the neighbor man who raises these long-horned cattle was checking on them when The Yard Man and I happened to drive by.  We stopped to gawk, to take photos, and to ask questions (Okay, well, it was mostly I who was doing the gawking, and the photos are strictly mine.  The Yard Man was conversing).  Because the cattle-raiser enjoyed telling us about his animals, and we found it so interesting, we spent at least a half-hour there beside the road. 

"Those are sure some strange-looking critters!" I said to The Yard Man when we had bid goodbye to our neighbors (both the odd ones and the cattle-raiser, too) and moved along toward home.   

"Can you imagine if humans had horns like that growing out of their heads?!"  I asked.  And then I tried to imagine it. (Obviously, it's just a suggestion, but why don't you ponder this, too, Viewer Dear?)

I also imagined that I heard the mama cow with the straight-out horns say to her baby, "See that STRANGE-looking woman ogling us?!  Doesn't she look WEIRD with those little tiny ears on the side of her head?! I hear those humans grow fingernails so soft they can chew them right off if they wish!"

(I have to admit, Reader Dear, though I'm partially bovine, I have not learned the language [yet]).

Back at home, The Yard Man and I had plenty of little critters of our own to enjoy!

Paw Nelson

But, none of them have quite such distinctive features as the long-horns!



Pawson said...

Very funny.

KTdid said...

Yes, haha, he shares your name :-)
(He's such a good cat)