Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Lovely Lily

In the grand history of a year, the Lily Era has always been one of my favorites!  Right now the era is drawing to a close, and I'm enjoying my lilies, but ruefully eyeing the dwindling buds.

 The other day, as I studied the beauty of the lilies, I spotted a strikingly spotted butterfly appreciating them as well!

Last week I made up a bouquet of flowers to take to an unfortunate soul who is spending long days in the hospital.  Almost all of the flowers in the vase were lilies.

There is a nearby road that all throughout The Time of the Lilies sports a half-mile fringe of orange ones!  I travel this road frequently, and every time I see this delightful throng of lilies it immediately makes me about five to seven percent  happier!

My own flock of butter-yellow lilies gives me lots of pleasure, as well.

Years ago,  on this very date, (while the lilies were joyfully pushing open their new blooms every day) I birthed a new daughter.   I chose for her what I considered to be a beautiful name, but I was not aware of its meaning until quite some time later.

 I discovered that her name is:

"A female name, meaning 'lily,' or true beauty. It is derived from Σουσάννα (Sousanna), the Greek form of the Hebrew Shoshannah, which is derived from the Persian shoshan, or 'lily.' "

I was tickled pink!  (I have no pink lilies, but pink ones are lovely, too )

You know, Reader Dear, each blossom has its day in the sun, then shrivels and gives the spotlight to another.  I am impressed with their charming generosity, and diligently try to remove spent blooms (thus I save them from falling piteously to the ground [well, Viewer Dear, it improves the look of the beds, as well!)

The lily (as you may have astutely guessed, Dear Reader),  is one of my favorite flowers.*

*Just as Elder Daughter is one of my favorite daughters!**
 **Happy Birthday, Dear Suzanna!

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