Monday, July 17, 2017

 It's another Friday, another pleasant summer evening!  It's another stroll down sidewalks!  It's another evening of entertainment and special treats!

This time, it's Second Friday.  The Yard Man and I are in a small town.  This time, we've got the Small Actor with us, along with his dad.  We've got three more members of the family, as well:  Dark-haired Daughter, David, and the Itty-Bitty Actor (an up-and-coming star whom you have yet to meet,* Reader Dear!)
*To be remedied shortly!

Tonight's treats are flowers and ice cream, and the sidewalk entertainment is unique:

To our great surprise, Reader Dear, this evening the Ghostbusters are in town!

 For some of us (well, at least one), it is hard to believe!

Then, some of the sidewalk entertainment features our very own celebrated Small Actor, and his father (who strolled haphazardly into the role of the great Houdini [you know, Viewer Dear, walking by as the street magician was casting about for someone to fill it!])

According to the votes of The Yard Man and I, both roles are worthy of an Actor of the Year Award (at the very least an Actor of the Hour Reward [ice cream!])

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