Tuesday, July 11, 2017

First Friday of July

Because The Yard Man had a special invitation to attend an open-house at the new offices of Fig Magazine, we did not want to miss First Friday this past weekend.  And what a lovely evening it was, beginning at the Fig offices where we had a tour of the wondrously creative work spaces, and were proffered many sweet treats:  chocolate lollipops, chocolate drizzled popcorn (and the cheesy kind, as well), wrapped chocolates, peppermint candy, wine and mixed drinks, and a finale of scooped ice cream!

Definitely a sweet way to start our evening in the city!

Following that sugar buzz, we were treated to a brief rain shower and a double rainbow (In case you are curious to know, Reader Dear, [or even if you don't give a fig] we spent the rainy time in a small boutique, filled with unique styles and locally-made clothing).

Moving on, we decided to eat our supper of barbequed pork and tacos (purchased from trucks) wherever we could find a table.  We were so fortunate; there was only one available, and we claimed it!  It was a slightly rickety card table, blown over, with two wet folding chairs in far-flung spots!  We righted the table, wiped rain off the chairs and set them at the table. Such a pleasant setting,  surrounded by the food trucks, entertainment (we had a view of their backs, but could see that the dancing group had some fascinating moves!), and a small lake of water.
Reader Dear, I enjoyed it for its unique qualities, in spite of the damp seat!

The rest of our evening was spent strolling the wet pavements and relishing the sights*

Bless his heart, The Yard Man tried to save me from the twenty-minute theological debate with this sidewalk pitchperson for heaven, but...
you know, Viewer Dear, I did have a test of my own about which to tell the man (also, er,  it developed that we had some slightly conflicting heavenly views).

The Yard Man quickly walked off and went to view the nearby large clopping animals.

All in all, Reader Dear, it was a super fine evening (some folks might even call it 'heavenly" [though I wouldn't go quite that far*])

*I like to save that term for  truly ecstatic moments; and, come to think of it, that first glimpse of the double rainbow after the rain: heavenly!


sk said...

But what did you SAY to the pitchman?

KTdid said...

I said, "I'd like to take the test"
He said, "Where do you think you will go when you die?"
I said, "I will go and have a chat with Mother Mary."
etc. etc. etc.