Saturday, July 1, 2017

Day One, Part Two

Horse Progress Days continues:

This grand event is all about horses, and I confess (somewhat sheepishly) that I have very few photos of the horse exhibitions, the demonstrations of horse-pulled equipment that were occurring throughout the day.  I was so fascinated by the people!  I was gawking at the people!  I was striking up conversations with the people!  It just follows, of course, I was photographing the people!

In my defense, the sun was there in the sky with its brilliant rays of light and its fiery tendencies and I tried to find refuge in the tents rather than spend time in the open air.

I did get a handful of equine pictures, however.
Here they are, Viewer Dear.

There were even a few fake horses!
And I've got the footage to prove it,
Dear Viewer!

To Be Continued (due to an extreme malfunction, this very blog post [which originally contained a whole wagon-load (horse-drawn one, of course) of photos [plus lots of commentary] was eaten up by a mysterious accident!  Remainder of this post will need to be re-loaded later. (Perhaps a new set of horses [re-hitched] should be demanded!)

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