Saturday, May 13, 2017

You are Fortunate

Dear Reader Dear, if you've got a precious old* friend who will jump in a car, bring her daughter along, and drive for hours to spend time pampering you in a hospital room! 

"And I suppose YOU DO?!"  you may well ask of me. To which I will respond, "Yes, it is true; indeed I DO!"  Mi Amiga Preciosa spent more than six hours of her day in the car for the round-trip journey to see me!  It was easily and hands-down the highlight of my week in Harrisburg!

There was visiting, much visiting (hampered, of course, by the fact that one of us was lacking a normal speaking voice, but grand)! And there was much entertaining talk (by those with the working vocal chords)!

And then, Viewer Dear, just look at the plan this super-creative friend of mine had concocted:  She carried with her a portable spa, and Mi Amiga Preciosa, she knelt on the floor and washed my feet, then gave me a first-class pedicure (When she was done with me, I sported "Pin-up Girl Red" toenails--ten little spirit-lifters!)  She had planned to shampoo my hair, as well (an act of service I desperately needed) but the logistics proved too difficult (a portable spa is obviously a limited one, Reader Dear, and please recall that my body was far from agile).

So there you have it--the day passed quickly by.
It was a most splendid break in the routine wretchedness!
Gracias, gracias, mi amiga querida!**

* relationship-wise.
(We have been friends for a very long time.)
However, she is only a teeny step ahead of me in length
of life, and both of us can recall a time when women wore
circle skirts and crinolines, and tortured themselves with
cinched-in waists, making us "seniors" for sure,
if not downright old!
**She is teaching herself to speak Spanish.
(fluent by now, I believe)


Anonymous said...

Ah, the feet, now I know! Finally. And it was all worth the wait. Anony. D

LTF said...

Priceless, just priceless!!

KTdid said...

LTF, Tienes razón, tú otra querida vieja amiga! Q.

KTdid said...

Dear Anony Dee. Thanks! :-)