Friday, May 26, 2017

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Story of my Rare Journey.  And, whaddaya know, Reader Dear....I have left Harrisburg!

 Yes, indeed!  On the morning of March 16 the good doctor at Harrisburg once again entered my room on his morning rounds and pronounced me good to go!
Favorite nurse in Harrisburg, favorite doctor in Harrisburg, favorite staple-puller in the world.  Non-favorite patient in Harrisburg with blue-green Passy-Muir tracheostomy valve protruding from neck.

 After an exhilarating ambulance ride (Wow, it was cold!  It was snowy!  The ambulance was heading south rather than North!) I was installed in a large and lovely room at a rehab facility in my home area. 

This facility is associated with the hospital where I got my new cow part (from the cow who frolicked in sunny meadows, ate fresh green grass, and signed up without coercion to be a valve-donor
[er, well...surely the hospital honored my request?!])

I gave a big sigh.  Without a doubt, life was going to improve.  After all, this room had a big sunny window looking out at grass and trees! Unlike the place I'd just left, this facility allowed fresh flowers in the room!

Then, too, spring was right around the corner!  

Alas, Reader Dear, life was not a sudden bed of roses!  (Nor even hydrangeas and daisies and tulips and lilacs and begonias and irises   [in spite of all the lovely bouquets taking up residence in a corner of my room])!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, what's next? Don't keep me in suspense too much longer! This is anony. D:-)

KTdid said...

Dear Anony D,
Nothing all that bad! Just a few more bumps in the road. :-) Love, Q.