Thursday, May 25, 2017


the tale of woe to make a point, with evidence collected this very day:


The nurse practitioner at The Heart Group wished to see me today.  Yesterday I made the trip (at a reasonable late-morning hour) to The Heart Group to obtain an echocardiogram (it's a photo, Reader Dear, of the heart, taken from the outside via a special wand.  Not a biggie unless, as a part of the picture-taking, the one wielding the wand wishes to inject a substance (via needle) in order to enhance the pictures.  (Then, well, aaargh!)

But now we are at today!  The echocardiogram was taken yesterday, but is not truly relevant to this story.  Today's appointment was with the Nurse Practitioner, for me to hear the results of the information gleaned from the echocardiogram,  and for her to get a general update on my condition.  The appointment was for the early  hour of 8:30 am.  "Please arrive by 8:15" said the phone message, reminding me, and causing me to mutter, "Well, why don't they just make the appointment for 8:15 if they wish to have me standing in their offices by 8:15?!"

Now, Dear Reader, truth be told, I am generally crawling out of bed at 8:15 am.  (Do I need to explain circadian rhythms to you?  I think not. Suffice it to say, I'm a night owl!) It was imperative that I set the little green alarm clock and arise substantially earlier than usual in order to make this appointment on time [The Yard Man was to disappear from the house in the very wee hours for an out-of-town business trip.  Amazingly, he has his own, internal alarm]).  

 So now the clock is squawking and I am opening my eyes (so early!) to a very rainy day!  (Ohhh, how lovely is a rainy morning bed if there are no appointments or pressing duties calling!)
I force myself up and out (scurrying past a lot of unnecessary details). I make myself a quick cup of coffee to carry with me.  I grab an umbrella and make my way to my garage-less car, the windy rain hampering my ability to stay cheerful and dry.  I make the twenty-minute trip into the city through pouring rain and morning traffic (pouring rain and morning traffic making it a half-hour trip instead).

Arriving at The Heart Group building, I look for a parking space close to the entrance (Reader Dear, surely you realize how impossible to find on a morning of windy rain and an over-abundance of handicapped spaces [which, hallelujah, are not for me!] I try to stay dry with my flimsy umbrella as I walk across the parking lot from the far reaches.

I wait in the registration line, glancing worriedly at my watch, which reads 8:27 a.m.

"I have an appointment," I say, when I finally get to a registration clerk.

She asks for name.  She asks for birth date.  She asks for doctor's name.  She asks for time of appointment.

She studies her screen and a small frown of puzzlement crosses her face.  A small frown of oh-lordy crosses my own face.

AaarghWOE IS ME!*  Dear Reader, appears as though my 8:30 a.m. appointment is for tomorrow 

*I take full responsibility!  This (small) woe is of my very own making!**
**Making my point, precisely!

P.s.  Attempted, on my way back home through the pouring, windy rain and morning traffic,  to capture (just for you, Viewer Dear) a photo of two adorable school-children with bright umbrellas.  Not an easy task when the light changes and one must not hold up traffic (even for your sake, Viewer Dear!)

P.p.s. Back home for breakfast at normal time.

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