Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I'm Still There

in Harrisburg, Reader Dear.  But I'm (sort of) walking!  And, I'm (sort of) talking!  And, hallelujah, there has been some talk of me leaving Harrisburg and returning to my local area rehab facility!

I was very hesitant to be too optimistic.  Really, what were the odds?!  Just days ago, the rumor was that I'd have to spend three weeks in Harrisburg (I knew I would not survive!)  Reports varied.  No one could actually say.  And then, on Monday, the 13th, one doctor allowed as how he'd be willing to sign my release on March 15.   Relief rushed over me like a tsunami, and I wanted so badly to believe it!

But, horrors!

Blizzard Warnings Issued as Winter Storm Stella Gears Up to Deliver More Than a Foot of Snow to a Widespread Swath of the Northeast

This was the kind of storm, Dear Reader, that got a name for itself and threatened to make history!

I saw it as a catastrophe of rotten timing! March 14!  The storm was to arrive on Tuesday, March 14!

And sure enough.  Monday night it began to snow.  The window in my hospital room looked out on a parking garage.  There were flood lights that lit up the space between.  All night I lay awake and watched the snow falling in a mad frenzy to the ground.  Hour after hour there was heavily-falling snow.  I attempted to make the storm come to an end by the force of wishful thinking, but no luck!  Tuesday morning arrived and it kept on snowing far into the day!

"Forty days and forty nights!" I moaned to The Yard Man (who had spent the night in a hotel room in Harrisburg to make sure he could be by my side the next day.)
"It's going to snow for forty days and forty nights!  I will never leave this place!"

There was lots and lots of hype about the expected monumental heights of the snowfall (several feet)!
Reader Dear, I tried not to hear the talk , but I couldn't keep my eyes away from that window!

In the late afternoon on Tuesday, at long last, the snow began to taper off (17-inch total) and The Yard Man brought reports of good snow removal efforts (Hurrah for the city of Harrisburg! I'll send my compliments to the mayor! I thought).

I let myself soak up a few rays of hope!

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