Monday, May 1, 2017

Another Stab

at communication, Viewer Dear
(though my use of the word "stab" still causes me to quake, so populated by needles was my medical journey!)

I wrote the words a second time. 
I struggled to make the letters clear and understandable. 

I suppose you can read them now,
Dear Viewer?!

Only Son studied these scribbles closely.  He watched me mouth words.   With amazing ability, he was able to figure out the meaning in my nearly illegible script!  He translated** it correctly!
I was overjoyed!

**There's a clue for you, Viewer Dear!
 (To be continued,...and I will reveal  the curious mystery [although, believe me, Reader Dear, an even more curious mystery will remain!])


Terry said...

Of course, you said, "Holy dog!" Or maybe "Holy Pete!"

LTF said...

Holy Madre?? So Mary came to guide you back?? Was someone saying Catholic prayers by your bedside? If it had been your own mother, you would have called her Momma.

(I was going to say Holy Moses, but that is clearly not right.)

KTdid said...

Sorry, Terry, but I can't say you're correct. Don't feel bad, chances are too slim on anyone guessing!

KTdid said...

Wow, Dear LTF,
Thanks to Mr. Cox, you figured it out!! So happy!