Sunday, April 30, 2017

One Small Clue

That's all I've got, Reader Dear, to indicate where I might have slipped off to during my vacation from real life!  To set the stage, the doctors had determined the resuscitation procedure had damaged another artery in my heart.  I languished on life support for six days while they waited for me to recover enough to perform a second surgery on me, and now I was starting the comeback process for a second time.  I was at the point where I was squeezing hands and nodding and tentatively stepping back into reality. 

And now I had something I wanted to make known to The Yard Man and Only Son (the two who were in attendance at the time, and standing by my bed). I tried to voice the words, but what was this?!  I couldn't make a sound!  Again and again I tried to speak.  I was not cognizant enough to know that I had a tracheotomy tube down my throat.  No words came forth.  Desperately, I tried and tried, but, oh...they couldn't read my lips!  Finally, I resorted to charades.

Dear Reader, how would one act out the word "holy"?  I was in a predicament! I folded my hands together, mouthing holy, holy, holy.
"Pray for you?!" Only Son asked animatedly, sure that he'd hit on what I was attempting to say.
Alas, no.  I shook my head. I certainly wasn't averse to prayers, but it wasn't what I wished to convey.

It was then that someone had the idea to bring me paper and a pen.  Of course!  I would write out my words!

Alas, was easier imagined than accomplished!  I was astounded at my inability to write words.  My hand was so weak and shaky; I could barely move it across the page.
Viewer Dear, it is with some chagrin that I show you this chicken-scratching.  The upper line in the photo above is my attempt to spell out three words.  "Holy" is the first word (H-o-l-y, the letters all written on top of one another).

Naturally, the two men standing by my bed could not glean a shred of meaning from these messy scribbles. (Unless you've become privy to the information already, neither will you, Dear Viewer!
Though you're welcome to take your best guess!)

I tried again.
(back later, Dear Reader, with slightly more readable script)


LTF said...

Holy Cow!! .....????

KTdid said...

ROFL, LTF! (I have to shake my head no) Q.

Terry said...

Wow. You have been through so much. I am so glad you are recovering and able to use a keyboard.