Thursday, April 27, 2017

I was tethered

to the land of the living by a mass of tubes and wires and various pieces of large medical equipment for six tentative days.  My distraught family hovered over me, and did their utmost to keep the attachment a healthy and permanent one! They treated me to live musical renditions with guitar accompaniment.*  They read to me extensively.* They visited with all the faithful friends who flocked to see me.* They pleaded with me again and again to move my fingers or toes, squeeze their hands, open my eyes. * They discussed my precarious prognosis with a seemingly endless array of doctors and other medical personnel.*
But, Dear Reader, please believe me when I tell you,  I was not there!**
Though it's not a lovely photo, it's the only one I've got to illustrate my dire condition!  

*So I've been told!
**(In a sensible sense)


LTF said...

I think the photo is a lovely photo. While it makes me weep at the sight and thought of the dire condition, it makes me glad that precious ones were there to keep the familial tether strong.

KTdid said...

Hey, dear LTF...thanks. Yes, I'm very fortunate to have had such a loving crew working for my "comeback"! That includes all those (like you) who were working on it from afar! :-)

Terry said...

The suspense of where you were when you were not there is killing me. TBS ASAP???
I prefer your profile pic. <3

KTdid said...

Terry, I've only got one small clue. Upcoming, I promise! Q.