Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Euphemistically they call it

"flatlining.I survived the surgery (February 15), and I have a very faint memory of mouthing some endearing words to the Yard Man and squeezing his hand.  Everyone was pleased.  The doctors gave glowing reports; the new cow valve was performing admirably.  The family was smiling.  A few handsome bouquets of flowers arrived at the hospital.  The Yard Man went home and got a good night of sleep.

But then!

As you will surely understand, Reader Dear, the following is second-handed information:
The Yard Man was awakened early by a phone call on February 16.  "Get to the hospital ASAP!" was the message.  "Your wife has flatlined."  Yes, Dear Reader, I had passed on!  Indeed, I had given up the ghost, kicked the bucket!  As I was frolicking in worlds unknown, there were medical marvel-workers scurrying around to connect me to life-support.  (This third-handed data: It took them six minutes to slap on the resuscitation equipment and get me (artificially) pumping blood and breathing.

For six long days, then, I languished in a salty sea of sedation (salty, due to the tears that flowed from the eyes of my loved ones  [I can only assume the doctors shed no tears, but surely they were sorry for this unexpected outcome!]).

More later!
(Spoiler alert: you do understand,  Reader Dear, that it is I, myself, relaying this true tale.
There's no need for you to hang on the edge of a cliff, you see!)


LTF said...

Six minutes for them t get you going??!! Gasp!!

LTF said...

Is this difficult to think about and write about?? It is joyous to those of us reading it to think that you WON the battle!!

KTdid said...

LTF, not difficult. It seems very surreal. I have to go on what others claim to be the facts. I look at all the spots/scars where they poked things into my body (8 locations!) and tend to believe it! As for the rest of the story (when I'm cognizant) I thank God it's behind me! Q.

Terry said...

Wow. I missed several chapters. Last I remember, your surgery in 2016 was postoned. I have some catching up to do, and you have no idea how happy I am that YOU are the narrator, although with several shifting third-person POVs.

My mind is still trying to take in what I have just read. So glad you have recovered enough to write. Off to read your other post.