Sunday, May 21, 2017

Movin' On?

Reader Dear, if you will recall, I was looking forward to leaving the rehab unit of the Harrisburg hospital!  I was so eager to return to my local area, convinced that everything would be better there!  The Yard Man and Elder Daughter gave glowing reports of the rehab facility where I was to take up residence!

At one point, watching the snow fall, time was all but standing still.  I made a chart.  The purpose was to increase the evidence that time truly was disappearing into history. Every five minutes a small thrill was obtained by blacking another square!

Eventually, of course, March 15 did arrive (expected day of departure) and I woke with high hopes, but wariness.  Would the big snowfall be a problem?  I'd be riding in an ambulance (well equipped for snow travel, I suspected) for the lengthy trip back to my home area, but this was not an emergency situation (er, no, not really) and treacherous roads would be a factor.

"Merci" to the engaging nurse from Cote d'Azur.

I prepared to leave.  I wrote my goodbyes on "the board" and I dressed in street clothes.

The nurses carried on with their usual attentions.  They read my vital signs.

Then the doctor arrived on his morning rounds.

Would I really be saying goodbye to this place?  Would he sign my release papers?  Would I go?  My heart was beating fast!

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