Tuesday, May 2, 2017

He figured it out!

"Holy Mother!" Only Son exclaimed. "Holy Madre de Dios!  Is that it?! You wrote it in Spanish?!
 Oh, I was so elated! 
Yes, yes! I nodded. 
 "Mother of God?" he asked, "Holy Mother of God!?"
 Yes!  I was beaming as I verified it again.

"You wrote it in Spanish!" he repeated, somewhat incredulously.  And then he asked, "Did you see her?!"

Yes!  I nodded.

Soon after that I returned to wherever I'd come from.  Or, well, I drifted back into Land-out-of-Time.
So there you have it, Reader Dear!  My tell-all doesn't provide many details, but I tend to believe I was hobnobbing in the heavenly realms!

Of course, this curious episode raises many questions:
Obviously, I was only visiting, but why didn't more of the memory return to earth with me?!  
Was Mother Mary speaking Spanish?!  Or perhaps French?!* Am I secretly a Catholic?!
There's a tiny bit more to the tale of my brief expedition to another world.
The day following the one I just mentioned, Only Son and Dark-haired Daughter were by my bed.  Only Son was showing Dark-haired Daughter my scratchy Spanish words and they were exclaiming together about the revelation.
Then Dark-haired Daughter asked, "Was she wearing white?"
I requested the note pad.
This is what I wrote:  Oui *
 (Naturally, I had to make two attempts to write the word.  And naturally, my children had to catch on to the fact that I'd switched languages!)

*Do you know, Reader Dear, it is French for Yes.
And, alas, yes (oui, si, a head nod) that is my only clue to the puzzle of my journey elsewhere!


Terry said...

Spanish! Back to review your scribbles. . .

KTdid said...

Ha, Terry...even knowing the words, it's kind of a stretch managing to see them in the scribbles!

jut said...

It's all on record now...

Terry said...

The first time I saw the madre but my brain did not connect the English "holy" with the Spanish "madre." Your son is a lot smarter than I.

swa said...

Wait, am I the dark haired daughter or is it Caroline. I can't believe I was fully cognizant and I don't know if this was me or not. But I was fully absorbed in trying to monitor your health care so maybe that is why I don't remember?

KTdid said...

Hey, Swa, I'm calling C. the dark-haired one. You were fully absorbed, it's true! I hope I've got the details right (as you well know, I wasn't thinking very clearly at the time!)

KTdid said...

Terry, haha! Who knows?!