Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Open Sesame!

Now that the tracheostomy tube was out, it opened up tantalizing possibilities!
Reader Dear, think:  Food, glorious food!
Think: End of plastic bagful of flesh-colored formula dripping into me moment by moment!

It opened up the likelihood of taste-chew-swallow!  Two days after the big tracheostomy tube removal party, I got another go at ice chips and applesauce (and wow, minus the bloody blue dye ["bloody" only used here as the British would use it; no need to panic!])  This time I passed with flying colors (ha, non-dying ones) and there was no retraction later.

Carole told me, "We are going to start you on soft, pureed foods.  I will come to your room and observe you eating the first meal.  They will bring you a breakfast tray at six-thirty tomorrow morning."

I blanched.  "Six-thirty in the morning?!"
Then I added, "Even in my most ordinary life, even before drip-feeding, I was never, never ready for food at six-thirty a.m.!   Do I have to eat that early?  If I am ever-so-lucky,  I will be sleeping at that hour!"

Now, Reader Dear, it was a real effort for me to deliver this message with much force.  When the tracheostomy tube was removed, there went the Passy-Muir valve as well!  Once again, I had to work to speak!  It meant pressing on the bandage at my throat, trying to block any escaping air.  I was back to getting worn out with wordiness!  Nevertheless, I got my message across.

"We can start with lunch," she said.


LTF said...

Ha!! Smart caretaker to accommodate her patients needs!! Lunch it is!!

KTdid said...

:-) Thanks, dear LtF