Thursday, June 29, 2017

Horse Progress Days

It's here!  The time has finally arrived for Horse Progress Days!  Ah, Reader Dear, for The Yard Man it's like Christmas, Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July all rolled into one (Flag day, his birthday, and Columbus Day could easily be thrown into the mix and it wouldn't be a stretch at all!)

That Horse Man of mine has been doing not much else besides eating, sleeping and working at the plans for Horse Progress Days for days and days (well, the planning began months and months ago, but it wasn't all-consuming until recently)   Seeing as how the crowds expected for this event are estimated to be between twenty and twenty-five thousand during the course of two days (Friday and Saturday), it's no small exhibit!

I asked The Yard Man exactly what his responsibilities included and he gave me the run-down:
"Recording Secretary, Marketing Director, Seminar Coordinator, and All-around Good Guy!" He laughed.   (Hmm, well [hours and hours spent in planning meetings, hundreds and hundreds of phone calls! What a good guy! I'd say.])

So, here we are at the final day of preparation!  The Yard Man had asked his grandsons to come and help check out the playground that had been set up for children attending the event.  And since there were not yet massive crowds to contend with, I thought I'd stop by and have a look around, too, while all my little actors were there.

Wow, Dear Reader, if you're in the area and massive crowds don't give you the willies, you might wish to see the sights!  Even if all-things-equine (particularly horses used for farming and horse equipment and horse seminars) don't tickle your fancy, how about all-things-Amish and lots of good food and a "homemaking" tent!  Then, too, there is a foreign contingency (thirty-some horse breeders and horse farmers and equine-lovers in general from Europe and South America [several giving talks, demonstrating equipment])

Just as I arrived at the complex of tents and buildings and open fields filled with equipment,  I found the Little Actor, Tiny Actor, and a friend of theirs climbing out of a small calf-drawn covered wagon!  Please tell me, Reader Dear, where else you will find this kind of entertainment for youngsters?!  (Calf-drawn, I concluded, since calves are the farm friends of horses).

And the playground!
Ten separate constructions for playing pleasure!
 My stay was brief, but only because unpleasant apartment duties called (I may elaborate later, Reader Dear, but, ugh, perhaps not).

 Here are some parting shots, as I exited Horse Progress Days final prep day:

(Horse Progress Days reporting continues when Horse Progress Days progresses to the actual event!
[i.e. back later, Reader Dear!])

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LTF said...

Where else would you find women working with calves and carts and young girls playing on the playground equipment in long skirts?? I vaguely remember those days!!