Friday, June 9, 2017

To the rescue!

If you'll recall, Reader Dear, I was lying on my back in a hospital emergency room.  My INR was at 10!  My blood was so watery it was about to do me in at the drop of a hat (or a similar clumsy action, at any rate).  Rushing to my side with a syringe full of super-power was my very own super-hero!  He looked like an EMT (emergency medical technician), but could have been a doctor.  Or a nurse. Or a nurse practitioner.  Or a nursing student.  There's even a possibility it was just some stranger who (slipped off a red cape and) donned a white jacket.  He gave me a very big dose of Vitamin K!*

I was then admitted to the hospital and wheeled to a tiny double room with a curtain separating two beds.  (Hallelujah for small blessings--I had the window!)  Sadly, I had to make peace with the fact that I was once again occupying a fell-fledged hospital bed, and I had no idea how long I would languish there!

I was in no mood to chat with my roommate.  However, she on the other side of the curtain had already been in the hospital for a few days.  She carried on lengthy phone conversations with her friends (there's always the possibility they were her enemies, but it seemed quite unlikely).  She was from out-of-town, but happened to be in the area to attend the confirmation ceremony of a granddaughter of hers.  She had purchased a new dress for the occasion.  It was expensive, and it was nice! But, then, alas, while enjoying the refreshments after  the service she had thrown up all over the new dress (This was a symptom of the heart attack she suffered).  Now, of course, she was concerned about the dress.  Did they have to cut it off of her?!  Was it completely ruined? Could it be cleaned?!  Before I could hear the final installment of her story, she was discharged.  She ate her supper of crab cakes** and left.  (You will have to accept the fact, Reader Dear, I can never give you a proper ending to her tale. [Many times I've pondered the condition of that dress, but the odds are pretty great I'll never know]) 

Of course, I had my own conversations with The Yard Man to inform my roommate, if she cared to listen:  "No way, no way! I can't believe it!  I rose from the dead, and survived all those weeks of rehab, only to end up back here at the hospital!  They're going to do a cardio-version on me tomorrow, if they can get my INR low enough. Whatever a cardio-version is,  I sure hope they sedate me if it's anything even slightly disturbing.  Oh, and here's another thing--if I die again, this time I'll be begging Mother Mary to let me move in with her!"

*This vitamin, I learned, has the magical ability to rapidly thicken one's blood!
**She could have left mid-afternoon, but she'd chosen the crab cakes that morning (on the menu form) and by golly she was sticking around to eat them!***

***They smelled good.
     (I had to fast).

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