Monday, June 5, 2017


in the road, Reader Dear.  It was only to be expected.

There I was,  plowing ahead, re-conquering the skills I had gained as a toddler (you know--chewing food, walking).  Except for the monumental sleep issue (morning, noon and night, desperate for more of the glorious shut-eye), I was feeling pretty good about my progress!

I was getting lots of visitors, many of them raving about my good looks (You wouldn't believe it, Reader Dear!  Compliments abounded!  "Wow, you look terrific!"
(Now, I do not recommend the necessary death/life thing* as a way to improve one's looks; but, it's a fact: Anyone who's seen you languishing on a death bed, and consequently views you again a few weeks later is very likely to be astounded at how good-looking you are!  They will tell you so, often and emphatically!*
*I really have no way to know, but I'm guessing it works better than Botox!

However,  then came Monday morning.  My newly-evolving routine was to get up and single-handedly (awkwardly, laboriously) wash and dress myself in (mostly) comfortable street clothes.  I was already fantasizing about waving farewell to the rehab facility!  On this morning, I was seated at the sink with a warm, wet washcloth to my face--ahhh, heavenly!  It was such a pleasure to wash my face!  I was making such good progress!  I couldn't, however, shake off an uncomfortable feeling in my upper torso. 

"I have kind of a bad feeling in my chest," I complained to the morning nurse when she returned. "But it's not terrible.  I'm hoping it will go away soon." There were a few questions in response.  Then she left the room.  Ten minutes later an EMT* showed up at my door!
(Emergency Medical Technician [with a gurney in tow]).

"We're taking you to the hospital!" the nurse explained.

Right about then, Reader Dear, is when I snatched back that award I'd bestowed upon myself (title of Wonder Woman) such a short time ago!

"There's no way, you cry baby, that you deserve that title," I told myself, with tears streaming down my checks.  (Dear Reader, it's not an easy thing to say to someone, especially when they're being carted off to the hospital for God-knows-what kind of treatment, and they've been reminding themselves over and over how they never want to see the inside of a hospital again (at least not atop a gurney), please, please, please, never!)


Anonymous said...

Your anon.friend D., this breaks my heart for you. I am glad the story doesn't end there, though. You were on an emotional roller coaster that had to seem never ending.

KTdid said...

Thank you, friend D! Yes, the key words you used "had to seem never ending" are so true! (But, ha, there's always the spoiler alert--I'm still here! :-))

Anonymous said...

And I am so glad you are!

KTdid said...

Thank you Anony! And I'm still glad YOU'RE here, too, whoever you may be!
(Especially if you're my dear friend Dee!) But really it's true whoever you may be!
We'll wait and see. Q.