Saturday, August 31, 2013


the tickets out of their summer-long storage, and set out with four friends and the Yard Man to see Peter and Paul (sadly, no Mary) in concert!  Let me tell you,  Reader Dear, in the musical interpretation of my life (plays only in my head, so don't bother straining to hear), this evening was a pleasant note up there somewhere well above Middle C! 

And the interesting thing about it, the actual music made by Peter and Paul last night was only a part of what made it special.  For one thing, these tickets were purchased back in March for a June concert! 

It was to be held outdoors at Longwood Gardens (Reader Dear, you already know my fondness for this place!),  Noel Peter Stookey and Paul Yarrow in Concert, rain or shine!
But of course it rained that day in June.
And I was on pins and needles.
Rain or Shine!  Hadn't that been the fair warning?!  Would we actually go and sit in the rain?!
Then the concert was cancelled.
And re-scheduled.
But, many of us would it suit to use the tickets in late August?!
What were the chances of rain, again...perhaps just the drippy kind where we really would have to huddle under ponchos?!

Argh!  I vowed to never plan this kind of group outing again!

Well, Reader Dear, I already told you there were six of us yesterday, happily traveling together through the golden late-afternoon, heading for Longwood Gardens to join the gray-haired masses of grown-old hippie-folk*, each and every one of whom were ninety-five-point-three percent likely to have owned a Peter, Paul and Mary record in their younger day.

And I've already told you the evening was enhanced by more than the music, as pleasing as that was!  There was the fantastic ceiling overhead (why, it rivaled the Sistine Chapel!) 

There was the fact that these fine musicians, who sang their protest songs fifty years ago at the March on Washington, were freshly come to sing for us last night from the fiftieth anniversary of that event, and they carried along that renewed spirit!

There was the perfect protesting improvisation!

And most of the songs were sing-along!
(Er...somewhat of a mixed blessing!)
And just like that, it's time for:  INTERMISSION

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