Thursday, August 29, 2013


Dear Reader, one comes upon some downright...well, I hesitate to name precisely what it is one comes upon; (however the words are so accurate and so descriptive)...and after a day like I had today (filled with frustration and folly)'s fun to call things as they are...(though that I'm about to say the words, I'm chewing on  my lip and gulping)....uh...uh...

[As I zipped by this scene today, I felt I could not let it go.  I turned the car around, put on my four-way blinkers, hopped from the car, putting life and limb in danger to record the view. All to express the following genuine wish for you, Dear Viewer Dear!]

...Sometimes in life one comes upon (oh, please please pardon me) real horses' asses!*  May your encounters with these difficult ones be few and far between!

*Should the need arise,
feel free to capitalize.

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