Monday, August 5, 2013


has been offered.  Now we'll continue with this meal, this meal served by a sub-culture of the USA and partaken of by those representing many differing cultures from around the world.  Food Diplomacy.  What do you think of it, Reader Dear?

All the chefs introduced themselves...  

...and that, Beloved Reader, is where I've been wishing to take you with my video clips.  To the introductions.

Alas.  Sigh.  Groan. "We are sorry, but there was an error while processing your video."

I am saying another silent prayer. And I am also saying a few words audibly.  They are barely audible, but spoken, nonetheless.  They don't belong in a prayer.


(Back from the future,
[it's time travel, my dear]
I can tell you, up ahead the video will play)
in a future post)

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