Tuesday, August 6, 2013


to find a solution to my hair-pulling, tooth-grinding, ever-so-quietly-swearing, pots-and-pans-slamming frustration of  NO VIDEOS, I did what any sensible person would do. I closed the laptop, walked away, and pretended that the word "technology" had not as yet been coined (No need for it, of course, as persons are still walking around dressed in fig leaves and only the sun moving across the sky records the passage of time here where I am). 

Of course, as soon as the sun's movement convinced me that enough time had gone by, and the problem had not miraculously fixed itself, I decided I needed an Apple (store).  That's where I spent two hours today, Reader Dear.   I didn't encounter anyone uttering obscenities or slamming around cookware, but I did get some folks scratching their heads, biting their nails, running to talk to the store manager.
And here's the big question--have I gotten any satisfaction?  Do I get to take off these fig leaves and don some chemically-dyed, wrinkle-free, thoroughly modern clothing?!  Do I get to continue on with my story of the Amish hosts and the International Chefs...
Ah, ha, Viewer Dear! 
The chefs are rising to introduce themselves......
(I'm scrambling around readying the next course...back soon)

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