Monday, August 19, 2013


blog-worthy events that end up in a backlog and die.  But last night's concert at the park was so filled with energy and movement and sound and a zippity-do-dah-dab of Africa, that I would leap over tall buildings and climb mountains and delay supper a bit to prevent that from being the fate of these clips:

Because the Yard Man and I were sitting in an eight-lawn-chair-lineup of friends, there were many with whom to gab, and not much interest in trekking down to the stage.  At least not before darkness fell, and dancing to the beat could be done more or less covertly by those in the audience who were not one-hundred-percent comfortable making African dance moves (nor, for sure, one-hundred-percent capable of it!) but who could not stop the body from swaying and the arms from swinging.

Already, while approaching the close-up action, I couldn't hold the camera still!

Up close, I saw that two non-African kids from the audience had been invited to the stage. 

They looked to be quite comfortable (having fun!), as
well as ninety-nine percent capable!

I remember a time when Africa was known as the Dark Continent
due to its mysterious hinterlands.  Were I to give it a moniker
based on tonight's performance, it would undoubtedly be...

The Lively Continent!


I only sighed that my quasi-Tanzanian twin could not be here to hear!
But he, of course, is actually in the Lively Continent as I blog,
eating coconuts and possibly dancing to the beat!


LTF said...

Wow!! That IS contagious music!! I am afraid that if I were to try to move my body like that, I would just fall down and hurt something!!

Terry said...

Looks fun!