Tuesday, July 16, 2013

THERE WAS MUSIC IN THE AIR!  So much music that I have the need to share, Listener Dear!  You see, The Yard Man and I, we've been going to those concerts in the park.  Oh, yes.  Week after Week.  Sunday evening after Sunday evening.  Except, of course, for the Fourth of July extravaganza (That Yard Man said, "Too many people!" and I concurred!)

It was Father's Day.  We planned a family picnic in the park prior to the concert, little knowing there'd be a torrential downpour and we'd have to huddle under the pavilion and move our picnic supper from table to table avoiding the wind-driven rain and then about the time we'd feel sure there could be no concert...ta-da! we'd have bright sunshine,
and puddles in which to play!  (As well as the concert, of course!  And a performer stopping by to wet his whistle [er...reed?] with water from the spigot at the edge of the pavilion.)

It was a delightful evening, including the suspense!
Before the music, but after the picnic, and while all the fathers that had eaten the picnic were still in attendance, I went for the Father's Day photo...

Dear Viewer, not every father was smiling by the time I stashed my camera...
...but, we made our way over to that concert area, and...oh, wow...what a concert!  (A gift for the fathers [as well as the mothers!]

(More music...
....uh...stay tuned)

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