Thursday, July 25, 2013


you'll just have to suppose that you accidentally hit the "mute" button.  The old man with the Santa Claus beard who introduced the performers at this concert asked us viewers to please not record.  Sitting there, my camera in my lap, the corners of my mouth went down!

Oh my golly, it was such a temptation!
Honestly, how was I to describe an Old-Time Bluegrass concert without passing along a tune or two?!
And these two young women did a "cranky"...(uh, cranked an illustrated banner from one spool to another in that box, as one of them sang a song)...I must try to describe this kind of performance without movement and sound?!
See this young girl dancing? (I wish you could, Viewer Dear!)
And here, I suppose, is where I must make a teeny-tiny confession:
The temptation to record at least a smidgeon got a smidgeon too strong for me.
When the banjo picker asked the audience to join him in a refrain, I figured it'd be me I was  recording (surely no problem with recording myself!)
So, er...

I've got no such rationalization for the following short clip of the clogger.

Can you see how lively and lyrical? 
Okay, well, that's the extent of my take-a-few-movies misbehavior (Not bad, I'd say, for a three-hour concert!)
We left the auditorium and ambled with the crowd through a light rain to a tent with food.  I ate a veggie burger and sweet potato fries for my late supper. (Though it's possible I ate that food as an early midnight snack.  I really can't say.)
And then!
We got more music! Recording allowed!
Square dancing, too!*
I talked that Yard Man into it,
even though we were (nearly)
complete nincompoops when it came to
this kind of dancing!

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