Wednesday, July 24, 2013


looked pretty much like any other goats I've ever seen.  And that sentiment, Reader Dear, informs you of my not-so-heightened interest in the sometimes-bearded critters.  But it was fun to have an up-close and personal greeting from one of them.

The animals were being called to dinner as we left, and the thought of food sure got us going!  We headed for 12 Bones.  It's the restaurant, if you will recall, where Our Dark-Haired Daughter had lunch with the U.S. president just a few years ago! 

"The line will be long," our hosts warned The Yard Man and me, "even this late in the afternoon."
"Ah, but it will be worth the wait!" the two of us chorused.

So we got to the spot, got in line, and inched along, little knowing by the time we got to the counter to order, there'd be a friend behind us in line!  And, Reader Dear, this is not a friend who resides in Asheville!  No, he has lived in various states, and he just happens to be visiting a friend of his in Asheville for just a day or two!  They arrived at 12 Bones just minutes after we did!  (Okay, so it's not like sitting with the president,
but still...*)                                                                                                              
*We were tickled.
Plus, here's the thing.
There's always a chance we ate with a future U.S. president.  Who's to say?!

(Well, yeah.  Maybe he would have some thoughts on the matter.  But I didn't think to ask.)

 Back to the present, however.  We say goodbye to Matt and his friend, and then we head for a concert!

It's a most lovely evening. Just look at that sky!  Oh, and the mountains!  The green of summer!  I am rhapsodizing as we drive through the countryside.
We arrive to find a jam session in progress.  The concert will consist of quite a few performers, but this group appears to be anyone with an instrument and a hankering to play.


More snippets of music to follow...


(i.e. later)

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