Saturday, July 27, 2013


home from Asheville, The Yard Man and myself!  (The tale is lagging).  So here you go, Reader Dear, a whirlwind wrap-up of Day Three.  In which you'll see:

The Frisky Otters (it's feeding time at the Nature Preserve)
The Raccoon (because I promised)

A quick jaunt back to see how Mrs. Bear is bearing up (because I'm curious to know!)

 And that's it.
We are leaving the Nature Preserve.  You won't see anything more of this place.

You won't ever see a twenty-two- foot-long earthworm, either, Viewer Dear.  I can almost guarantee it!

Okay, NOW, moving will NOT see the tasty supper at the home of Our Dark-haired Daughter and David. But look what you DO get to see--edible ecstasy from the chocolate shop that we visited later in the evening in downtown Asheville!

(More's the pity I can't call you Taster Dear, eh?!)

We climbed back into the car fully sated with chocolate, but we still had room for one more sensational delight!
(We found a parking spot and got out of the car to watch
this final show of our Asheville visit).

Yes, you DO get a glimpse, Viewer Dear.

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