Friday, July 26, 2013


our visit to Asheville finds The Yard Man and me and one of our hosts at a Nature something-or-other.*  And have I got the animal photos to prove it!  But first A WORD OF WARNING, Viewer Dear.  If the sight of certain belly-crawling reptiles makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and your stomach do gymnastics without any commands, you may wish to skim right over the first of these movies.

Personally, I was thrilled to see these cold-blooded creatures in motion, though it did tend to make my own blood run chilly.  Rattlers searching for prey just inches from my face! (Hurray for the plate glass that made it possible!)


I'm sorry to say I barely gave any attention to the frogs and the turtles. They are every bit as amazing to behold. Or they should be.
When I could get myself dis-entangled from the reptiles, I went back out into the sunshine and followed the path taken by The Yard Man and Our Dark-haired Daughter.  It led to the home of wolves and coyotes and foxes and other such dog-related animals. 
Red Fox went slinking away when we came to peer at him, the coyote was snoozing, and we just couldn't get these creatures to give us a show.
But then we walked on down the path and came to the bears.
And the bears...!  Well, Viewer Dear, you will have to make your own assessment as to exactly what was happening here.
There was definitely action.

But was it the type of action the pursuer had in mind?
I will never know, Viewer Dear, and doubtless you won't either.
But I do know I'll be back with more animals.  Oh yes.

(to be cont'd.)
*A preserve, I believe.
For creatures found in the wild and
needing helpful assistance from those of a different species.

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