Monday, July 15, 2013


...I love this word.
For the French-ness of it.
For the fact that it's mostly vowels.
For knowing that this wee little word has a whole world of boredom wrapped up inside it.  Ennui can be anything from leaning out over a black hole at a kooky and treacherous angle, to simply lacking the slight motivation to go and gather a bounteous bouquet of lilies when the lilies are growing like stars in the sky right alongside one's own  kitchen porch.

And if not lilies, then something from that glorious yielding-up of yellow that is the...hmm, what is this yellow flower, Viewer Dear?!
Or, I suppose, lacking ennui, one could possibly
make up a pink bouquet...

......or cut a cluster of roses from the masses.

There is so much one could do.
....oh, well.



sk said...

Did you make that up? Lilies like stars in the sky? Perfect.

KTdid said...

Yep, sk. Popped right out of my head while I sat there, filled with ennui.