Tuesday, August 27, 2013


 at it again,  hobnobbing with chefs! So soon on the heels of hosting that fantastic bunch from around the world! Granted, the food preparers at today's cheese-sampling event were all local, they didn't get to have a meal, and there wasn't much hoopla around the occasion.  But there was food.  And it was served by Amish.  And hey, it was enough to get me dashing into the city this afternoon to check things out!

What's happened,Tim Carr, owner and chef of Carr's Restaurant (it's a very classy eating spot in the city, Reader Dear)  has gone head-over-heels for Oasis's dairy products!  He opened up his restaurant, invited other local chefs, and extolled the virtues of all that wonderful milk, butter, cheese, cream.

When I arrived at the restaurant, smack dab in the middle of the two-to-four time frame for this event, I was greeted by the Yard Man, who had turned himself into a chef.  Dear Reader, it was so simple.  He'd just slipped on that jacket that the international club of chefs had presented to him!  Oo-la-la, if clothes make the man, I'm in for a treat!  (Um, I asked him. What's for dinner tonight?!) 

Leroy was busy explaining the line of production--the horse-farmed land, the grass-fed cows, the lack of antibiotics and hormones.  Everything fresh!  Everything local!  Cream is good for you! Butter the best!  


There seemed to be an eager stir of interest among the chefs that were sampling, tasting the raw milk, the yogurt, and cheeses.   Anyone who cared to sample all ten of the cheeses and fill out a  questionnaire, commenting and rating each one, was treated to a half-pound of butter.  That butter box was rapidly emptying.

I was enjoying myself, watching the action, visiting.  Then the funny thing was, Reader Dear, after a while I realized that I was hobnobbing with chefs, too!

Maybe I turned into one.
I went home and put on an apron.
I made dinner.

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