Thursday, August 1, 2013


The story will have to come in courses, Reader Dear, just like the meal.  And this is the appetizer: this dinner was served in a barn!
Also helpful to know before the main course, it was an Amish group who prepared most of the meal. And of course there was my contribution!  (Though I suppose I will have to confess, I played a very small role).  I put together about a third of the salad plates.   It was also moi who suggested to The Yard Man that those adorable little green-fruited cantaloups he'd been bringing  home from the food cooperative of which he's a co-manager would be lovely to serve.

I said, "Why don't you fill them with berries and garnish with a sprig of mint.  Though not necessarily 'Amish' food, it would look fit for a king!"

And here's another tidbit: It was due to the fact that The Yard Man's co-op, Oasis, delivers food to the DC area, and a part-time pastry chef at the White House made connections,  this group of chefs ended up at this local barn for this meal.  It was planned by the managers of the co-op, who are mostly Amish (excepting The Yard Man).  This upcoming event caused much excitement.  Oasis managers had countless planning meetings.

One more thing: Club des Chefs des Chefs.  That's the official name of the distinguished bunch to be hosted.  To be in this club, one's career must be to prepare food for a head of state.  One must serve as chef to a king or queen, or the president of a country.  A prime minister.  A chancellor.  Surely  you get the idea, Reader Dear.  They are chief among chefs!
Coming up soon:  The main course.
(I hope you're still salivating, Reader Dear!)

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