Thursday, August 8, 2013


had been nibbled* and the peach pie and homemade ice cream had been consumed; after the lovely wife of the chef from Monaco had explained to Leroy exactly where Monaco is...

then it was time for the Amish hosts to hitch a horse to a wagon and give rides.  Because there were only two children accompanying the international guests (French children, bringing along their young Asian nanny), lots of Amish kiddies got to pile in the wagon.  I can only imagine, Reader Dear, this was more of a thrill for the guests taking photos than these children who ride behind trotting horses each day. 
Although, of course, considering the options...!
Here is chef Gregor Zimmerman**, posing with the horse. 

 All too soon the event was drawing to a close, the international guests were taking their final photographs, thanking their Amish hosts, and boarding the bus.   Next on their schedule was a visit to Oasis, the store and growers' cooperative from which most of the food for this meal was obtained.  Leroy would be accompanying them on the five-mile drive through the countryside***. 

*Soft chocolate double cookie with creamy filling, typically made by the Amish. 
**I promised I'd not let you guessing, Dear Reader.  He is Swiss! 
***Wouldn't you know, I wheedled a spot on the bus.  Which means there'll be one final course to this lengthy tale!

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