Friday, August 9, 2013


to get these international chefs on the road!! 
The bus ride through the countryside on our way to Oasis was short and uneventful.  Leroy did a lot of talking. The Yard Man answered a few questions. 

When we got to Oasis, the honored guests filled up the small store, interestedly perusing the items on the shelves, and asking questions, going into the back of the shop to the milk-processing area where the fresh butter and yogurt products are made.  Of course, I was interestedly asking questions, as well--of the chefs themselves.  In my conversation with Cristeta Comerford, the White House executive chef, she told me that she served the Clintons in the White House.  And she's held her position ever since.  Reader Dear, I'm afraid my mouth fell open!
"So you served the Bush families, too?!"  I asked, incredulous.  
"Yes." She verified it.
"But...but..."  I fumbled around, figuring how to best ask the question reverberating in my head---WHAT?!  Are you some kind of PURPLE?! 
She read my mind.  "We are non-political," she stated simply.
Well, then, I had to mull over that fact. 
 I'm still mulling it over, if truth be told.  But, of course, red food and blue food are equally delicious, I'm telling myself.

However,  I mustn't dilly-dally!  These chefs need to get on their way to DC!  They gathered for a photograph under the Oasis sign.  Lots of cameras were snapping.

And then it was time to say Goodbye.  Or, uh...Au revoir!  Adios!  Auf Wiedershen!*

 * Reader Dear,  those are all the goodbyes I know.  For the rest of the chefs I had to make do with sign language.  I sure wished a wave of the hand could express this: It was so nice to meet you!  Please come again! 
[Oh, and...would each of you kindly pass along my greetings to those for whom you cook? You know...say "hi" to the Queen of England for me.  Maybe kiss baby George.  Give my regards to the President of India.  The Prince of Monaco.  Carry my best wishes to those folks in the Great Hall of the People.....]

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