Sunday, September 1, 2013


at the Peter Stookey-Paul Yarrow concert.  It was to be twenty minutes long.  I couldn't persuade a one of my friends nor my Yard Man to take advantage, and take a break from sitting, so I hopped up from my seat and bade them farewell.  "If I don't come back, you'll have to come find me!"  I said as I waved.  By this time it was dark, and the crowd was slightly milling.  HmmI so wished to get a better look at the well-known-but-never-seen-up-close singers; how could I make that happen? I made up my mind to go down front, right to the edge of the stage.  If I could manage to stay there until Peter and Paul emerged for the second half of the show, I could garner one up-close picture before going back to wow my friends with it.

When I got to the stage, I discovered a pit where several people were sitting, cameras slung about them.  "Are you all official cameramen?" I asked, walking down the few steps. 
"Yes!" one man responded.  And then he added, "Well, one of us."  He laughed.                              The young woman explained, "I'm the official one. I'm a friend of Peter's." She glanced at the three men. "This is a continuing education class; and this concert is just the ideal venue!"                         

When I suggested my plan of action, the woman said, "Well, you'll have to leave the pit to take pictures.  I don't want you getting into trouble!"
(Now, I was in total agreement!  Peter and Paul may be great advocates of civil disobedience, but obtaining a close-up shot of them to show you may not be a worthy enough cause for which to break any rules! [Though please, please, rest assured, Viewer Dear; don't doubt you are a V.I.P. in my book!])

I crept up the steps and sat on the top one.  Yes, technically my feet were still in the pit.  I hunched over and tried to make myself as inconspicuous as possible.  The minutes ticked by, the crowd gradually stopped its milling, people were seated.  No one came to haul me away.  And then Peter came striding back onto the stage.  But, alas, not Paul...

Okay, well, there was nothing for it but to sit on that stone step until Peter had finished his solo performance, and then Paul would finish his solo part...and, then...ohhhhh...

Why ever didn't I go around behind the stage during intermission?!   It had been a  passing thought that I should never have let pass!

 Shucks, I knew the photo my friends would now be expecting--me with a huge grin on my face, arms around these famed singers! 

Well, okay Listener Dear, I had to gulp down that disappointment, and console myself with the idea that I was still going to get some good close footage of Peter and Paul playing and singing, just as soon as Peter re-joined Paul.
And here he comes now!

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

...which was a good thing, because abruptly it was THE END.   That, Listener Dear, is where my camera battery died!  There'd be no more pictures! (Sigh)
I was singing, "I'm leaving on a jet plane!"  but really I was only leaving that stone step and trying to sneak unobtrusively past the stage, finding my way  back to The Yard Man and my friends.


(Alas, and I can't even show you the diner where our party spent the midnight
hour, eating supper [Didn't I tell you there
were multiple enhancements to this evening of music?!])

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