Sunday, September 22, 2013


going out to lunch with friends is one of the highlights of my day. 
The celebration includes savoring the amity of close relationships, as well as  the thrill of having food appear on our table just by saying those magic words I think I'll have the...

Most every restaurant we frequent serves fish of one kind or another.
But at today's restaurant there was an enchanting little extra perk--uncooked fish!
Now don't go rolling your eyes, Reader Dear, and mumbling about our choice of restaurants, and how all fish don't have to be blackened or broiled or fried to a golden brown.
Don't blab about sushi, and how one finds it everywhere!

No.  These fish I'm talking about were not showing up on anyone's plate.
In fact, these swimmingly handsome fish were fellow diners!

I got a big kick out of watching this darting, dining mob.
I would say, in fact,  it was a gold(fish)-enhanced highlight for me!

(The Asian salad was pretty good, too)

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