Tuesday, September 10, 2013


the train.  Vines were beginning to entwine it.  I saw the slightest bit of rust beginning to form.  In the interest of getting it chug-chugging again, I'm slinging stuff aboard willy-nilly.


About a week ago there was a thunderstorm.  It was just your ordinary crash-boom-bah, run-of-the-mill storm, but the crazy thing was--one part of the sky was calm and bright with stars while the rest of it was going nuts!  It wasn't so terribly late at night, and the Yard Man was standing out on the balcony watching this show with me.  I would play for you the other short clip that I took, Viewer Dear, but the two of us are making such silly noises, gasping at the lightening with shrill little intakes of breath just as though this were our first-ever storm! It's embarrassing.

The Yard Man's been bringing home surprise boxes full of veggies for me.
It's like it's Christmas every Thursday evening!

Here's a list of the presents I got this past week
(the starred ones no longer making their presence known...er, yep, been eaten)
Five pounds of potatoes*
A butternut squash
An acorn squash*
An eggplant
A red bell pepper*
A yellow bell pepper*
Two sweet onions*
A pint box of small sweet peppers*
A handful of hot peppers
A baggie full of purple okra
A large bunch of chives*
A bag full of green beans* (already in the skillet by the time I thought to take the collective picture)

Oh, and then, too, there was the leek.

THE LEEK!  Pray tell, Reader Dear, whatever does one do with a leek?! Is it simply a phallic-shaped onion?!  I amputated its weirdly long antennae and stuck it in the fridge (a place where veggie aliens sometimes go to die [I regret to say]). 

The flashy peppers went onto a veggie tray to take to Gerry's 32nd Annual Pig Roast on Saturday evening.  Second only to the pig, that's how the stunning array of produce on the tray thought of itself (I was of a similar opinion, though of course there were an awful lot of very close runners-up [and I nearly removed the basil leaves to teach those veggies some humility])

The pig roast was fantastic.  The weather was superb.  The pig was very nearly smiling, in spite of its predicament (having to leave, bit by bit, just as the party was getting into full swing!) 


Looks like the wheels might be starting to turn, Reader Dear. 
And I've got more!


sk said...

Nice to have you back aboard the train.

(I like the shrill little intakes of breath.)

KTdid said...

sk, nice to having you thinking it nice! Thank you, thank you, friend.