Sunday, September 29, 2013


yesterday morning.  But, due to my chat with the baby-faced cop, no one whom I knew was still there at the pier by the time I got there.  Not to worry, I had a very nice stroll alone.   And look out, Viewer Dear, I did a lot of filming!

I have lots of photos of waves on the verge of breaking.
And birds on the verge of flying. 
I've got lots more footage--uh, six more movie clips--of this bird couple. I was so determined to film them as they took to the air.  Alas, they were enjoying their acting roles, but stubbornly refused to acknowledge me as director when I instructed them repeatedly, "Okay, now, fly!"
Viewer Dear, you'll just have to imagine them taking flight.
In the afternoon, I trekked to the beach.
 (Aargh. Do I have to say it?  Conditions were
The evening trip, en masse, was to Jockey's Ridge.
This spot, Reader Dear, is known for its massive mountains of sand.  It's the place where Orville and his brother first hoisted their plane into the air. The very FIRST to become an airplane!  The very FIRST time aloft!  Needless to say, that flight can only be seen in your mind's eye, as well.

All I've got to show is our lengthy journey across the sand (not so renowned).

 And the sun going down on our Kitty Hawk Vacation-Day Three.



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