Monday, September 30, 2013


on Day Five of our Kitty Hawk Vacation!

The Yard Man went to the store called 

We Got Your Crabs

and he got our crabs (the very ones that were swimming in the ocean this morning!)
We've been eating piles of sugar, too!

 (I'm the only one, Reader Dear, who is turning into a crab about this sugar habit.  "No, no, no!" I object, when The Yard Man shows up with yet another sweet, "We had doughnuts for breakfast, and chocolate candy and ice cream after lunch, and...!" [He laughs])

All my short actors are keeping me busy directing.


 We've been doing a lot of the following:
 Sitting in the hot tub.
 Sitting in the hammock.
 Hanging out in the pool.
 Hanging out in the used-book store.
 Playing  at the ocean.*

Playing Bezzerwizzer.

Just playing.


And I spent some time gathering...well...
I believe you know,

*for limited periods of time because of...
well, I believe you know, Reader Dear!


LTF said...

Hmmm, the shells spell Jiewer dear. What language is it and what does it mean??

Terry said...

What a fun week! Beautiful grandchildren.
What's Bezzerwizzer?

KTdid said...

Ha, ha. It's the language of the ocean, and it means you are a clever viewer, LTF!

KTdid said...

Terry, it's a board game my kids brought along--the players answer questions re: science, art, architecture, literature, fashion, politics,religion, music, etc. etc. Fun to play if you're into all that! :-)