Friday, September 20, 2013


Hatty, I'm going to tell you, Reader Dear, about some things I found.
I'm even going to show you pictures!

First off, there was the Praying Mantis.  I had no sooner set off walking in the park with a friend, than I spied her sitting there--the little insect devotedly beseeching a higher authority to protect her from being squashed on the pavement.  Or it's possible, I suppose,  she was merely asking for a  mid-morning snack.

Only a little further along on our walk, there was the Great Blue Heron.  He flew.

As customary, after our morning exercise, my friend and I went to the mall for coffee.  Inside the mall, I spotted a whole flock of creatures waiting in a long line.  I didn't think they would fly away if I got close, so I approached a few and asked, "What are you in line for?"
"The new Iphone5s!" they chorused.


Moving along, Reader Dear, I want to show you Snake Power Candy.  I had never even heard of this confection prior to mixing some up today!  I had instructions from my Little Actor.  It's so simple and quick.  You just roll out a snake of your preferred color.  Chop it into pieces.  Voila!  All you have to do after that is  have a rollicking good time pretending to eat the stuff! 

Right across the street from our candy-making table, a hydrant was gushing water.

Wooly-bully!  I couldn't believe how many hours that water gushed!

The Little Actor and I had long since tired of Snake Power Candy, drawing on the porch floor with colored chalk, filming the butterfly, and all kinds of other ventures by the time some guy showed up to end our fountain show!

And that very nearly ends your show, as well, Dear Viewer Dear!

P.s. Sorry, I neglected to give the ingredients
for the candy.  Use play dough.
1/2 Cup should do it.
One Cup is better

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