Sunday, March 15, 2015


at Thursday afternoon in California!
(Okay, okay.  It's true I'm right here soundly on the East Coast again, but I'm pretending it's three days ago).
The plan is to return to our California home (I'm wishing it were about one-half-to-one-quarter less temporary), and relax, cook ourselves a bang-up supper on the grill, and watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.

We stop by a grocery store and stock up...following which, we spot a farmers' market!  Nothing to be done, of course, but to buy more food!
I marvel, Reader Dear, at the fact that these fabulous displays of edibles are all made up of (relatively) local produce!

Take a look, Dear Viewer!
The strawberries and blueberries, they say, are just entering their peak season (Ah, and they have them almost year-round! [Hmm, warmth and sunshine, flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, wineries...I might be revising the "temporary home" wish!)!


We bring our produce to the house (photo to the left; it is multi-level), and we set to grilling on the deck.  This is the first evening that we are able to watch the complete show in the sky as the sun sinks into the ocean.  It is so impressive!

I'll just show you:

After supper, we build a fire in the small fire pit, and are paying attention when Venus blinks on right before us in the night sky.

For hours we recline on the deck and study the stars while conversing.  Orion appears, and The Seven Sisters.  I think to myself that this is (yet another) highlight of my California vacation.   Things couldn't get any better!  I think.

And right about then, oh, my....
a fascinating coincidence !  (Reader Dear, please don't tell me you've forgotten how I love those!)
Keep's appearing soon...

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