Sunday, March 8, 2015


I've got to show you, Viewer Dear, a few more photos of the fantastic flora, bit of fauna,  and the many other lovely things we saw in Pasadena at the Huntington Botanical Gardens.

We actually saw only a tiny portion of the gardens, as we wanted to allow time to see the Huntington Library, which houses such impressive artifacts as:

Originals by John James Audubon,

 Seven-hundred-year-old manuscripts on vellum,
 and The original Gutenberg Bible!
We also took time to visit the Huntington's (West Coast) dwelling place, located on this property (maintained beautifully, allowing folks like myself to marvel mightily over the furnishings*).

 *But, truth be told,
Reader Dear, I had done so much marveling over the current weather pattern there in Pasadena, that the hand-patterned, hand-knotted rugs (in spite of their 5,600,000 hand-tied knots) had to take a back seat!

Oh, yes, Dear Reader.
More to come, as, after all, a weekend does include
late Saturday afternoon, and almost always Sunday!


sk said...

I'll take that patio or whatever it is, if somebody else'll water the plants.

KTdid said...

Ha, only get your plants watered for you if you also let the servants put your clothing on you!