Friday, March 13, 2015


the plan is to check out an olive grove or two, and perhaps more wineries.  In the evening, of course, we'll go to the musical.

We don't usually rush breakfast, it's a leisurely affair.  Each of us helps oneself to coffee, cereal, eggs and toast, fruit, pastries, fudge...whatever it is we have on hand. This morning, as I'm having my coffee and fudge, I announce that I'm plugging my camera into an outlet to re-charge.  "If I forget it," I say, "we'll have to come back for it!"

Reader Dear, you are no dummy; you know what follows.  We finish up breakfast, gather our gear for the day, and exit the house.  We are only five miles up the road when I heave a big sigh, and my heart sinks like a camera in the ocean.  There is no way the other three in the car are going to happily make a turn-around.
"You can use my camera," says the generous Bro-in-Law.
And so I do.

But, oh, the problems with the transfer!  Here, Dear Viewer, are the only three photos, and the video clip, that manage to make the journey from camera to blog:

Alas, I've got none of the other interesting sights to show you, Viewer Dear, of our olive-oil-tasting adventure.  Nor the winery we visit in the afternoon. 

What you do get to see is the lovely lunch I have:
a tasty salad with butternut squash soup.  It's not the photo I'd have chosen, if I could only pick three, but...does it not look yummy?  Eaten in an open-air courtyard next to James Street.

And..aha, you also get to see the smiling man whose camera I am using!  You get to search for a clue, Viewer Dear, and guess his name.
One guess.


Back at the house, late in the afternoon, I have my own fully-charged, handy blogging tool to use.  I photograph The Yard Man relaxing on the deck, and Morrow Rock relaxing in the pink of the setting sun.

Soon we head for Poly Cal.

The musical is terrific!   At intermission, I find my way to the orchestra pit and say a quick hello to Charlie.  He greets me warmly, and verifies that, yes, Barbara has yet to appear on stage. (When she does show up, in the final acts, we are tickled to watch her perform!)

Thus, Dear Reader, ends a delightful Wednesday in California!*
*In which, we set out to find some place to get a bite to eat, after the show.  But it is late.  We go "home" and eat fudge.

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