Thursday, March 12, 2015


at the first winery of the day. (Yes, it's still Tuesday)

The place is Saucelito Canyon, with vineyards planted in 1880!
Out of a list of wineries that the Bro-in-Law put together,
I wished to come to this one because it is so old.

The man in the pink shirt tells us stories from
the vineyard's history.

And then, along with a few other guests, we taste the wine.

Reader Dear, much as I enjoy hearing the history and seeing the old photographs...even more, I relish tasting the wine!

We take our time, and savor it.  The Bro-in-Law and I, of our foursome, we are the twosome who do most of the tasting.  Even at our relaxed pace, before I know it  we are off through the beautiful countryside to find the second winery we have chosen to visit.

It is Wolff Vineyards,
where I am delighted to find that a Wolff is our host. 
There are other things that delight me here, as well:
The garden!

The bluebird in the garden!*

And once again, the wine, of course!

Then, too, high on the list, I am delighted to meet Charlie and Barbara, our fellow wine tasters!  I must introduce you to them, Dear Reader, (as they shall [happily] be a part of our day tomorrow!)

When I chat with them, they tell me they are touring with a Broadway musical, Nice Work if You Can Get it.
Charlie is the Musical Director, and Barbara has a non-singing role.  "You wouldn't want to hear me sing," she laughs.

They are friendly and charming, and as soon as our foursome has left the winery, we make a unanimous decision (with only a little cajoling) to attend the performance, scheduled for tomorrow evening at Cal Poly (most official name: California Polytechnic State University.  It is located in nearby San Luis Obispo).

We are so eager to make sure we get tickets, that we drive by the University on our way back to our rental house and purchase them.                        

Also enroute to our house, we make a stop for supper in SLO (you know, it's San Lois Obispo, Reader Dear; I'm learning the acronym, so you can too.)

I sort of hate to say it, but our little group makes fools of ourselves by walking in, being seated, and walking out of two restaurants in SLO before we end up at this very nice one, where we stay long enough for me to take a photo and order food (not to mention receiving and leisurely consuming the food)!  Lots of details could be elaborated upon, including scampering out a side door, vehement scolding of the Bro-in-Law, and extensive, hilarious laughter; but I fear, Reader Dear, you'd have had to have been there (though perhaps you do not relish playing a fool).

Thus ended Tuesday, another VG day in California!**


 *It seemed to me like the Bird of Paradise, but it did not fly up my nose, Reader Dear.  Nor did the Elephant (seals) caress me with their toes, it rather goes without saying (though I couldn't resist saying it).

**This acronym you saw on all your grade-school papers, surely, Reader Dear!?


sk said...

You could've said that was Brad Pitt--wait, I mean Matt Damon--and I might've believed you.

KTdid said...

To tell you the truth, sk, I believe that Charlie is even more handsome than the Damon guy. Maybe nicer, too, but I don't know Matt. Not to mention that I'm basing this all on a few minutes of interaction! Q.