Wednesday, March 11, 2015


look at my chubby little buddies, the Elephant Seals (They are mostly young'uns.  Their mamas weaned them and abruptly left, en masse [so says our informative guide].  Now they must get themselves into the water and learn to find food!)

Go ahead, watch it* as often as you like, Viewer Dear!
As soon as you're ready, we'll travel on up the road, catching sight of glorious view after glorious view of the Pacific Ocean.

There are not a lot of commercial spots in Big Sur, but our party finds a small restaurant where we have lunch, looking out at the Pacific, of course.

We overhear the waitress instructing the couple dining next to us to be sure to visit the monastery just up the road.  If you like chocolate, you must go there! she says. "They make a delicious fudge."

Hmmm. We decide to go there.

It's way up at the top of a mountain.  We buy a box of fudge, and meet the gregarious Frenchman who was our fellow diner.  This man has traveled the world!  He entertains us with stories, while his patient wife waits in the car. (I totally forget to take photos at the monastery...)

Continuing north, we stop often for photos, or to walk down to small beaches. 

The weather is sunny and in the lower 80's.

(I think I am in heaven.)

To be continued...(Well, what did you think, Reader/Viewer Dear. This trip's going on for a few more days!  [Not the trip to Big Sur, please  understand.  No, today we return to our rental house in the evening.  It is too late to see the sun set over the Pacific, but we hope to take that in another day])


LTF said...

Well, you will need to go back and take pictures of the monastery!!

KTdid said...

Ah, LTF, you have an excellent point!
I NEED to go back!
(We are to get five inches of snow tomorrow at this east coast location where I live!)
I NEED to go back!