Tuesday, March 17, 2015


but it's Friday the Thirteenth in my log of California (You know, Reader Dear, my vacation log of sunshine and relaxation. Elephant Seals and a very blue ocean. Whales spouting and Redwoods towering and Morro Rock, unmoving).

Today our foursome must bid farewell to our rental house, say goodbye to the poppy I purchased on Day One, pack up the rental car, and head for L.A. (that's Los Angeles, my Dear Russian Reader) Alas, it is our final day to enjoy California weather and California sights!

We are on a mission today to see missions!
Our first one is San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, and I'll take you along, Viewer Dear, for the view:

We take a self-guided tour, informed by the many explanatory signs.

 And, inside:

There are lots of facts and artifacts.

One of the interesting facts I discover for myself: this mission is still operating today!

There are several worshipers present as I brazenly walk through the chapels snapping photos (I believe I am forgiven).  

Once again outside, on this perfectly-blue-sky day,

I photograph a tiny resident of the mission, before we say a final goodbye to the place, and set out to see some tiny residents of Pismo State Beach.

Compared to its peak number of occupants, the Butterfly Grove has a slim crowd when we are here; but even so, the four of us see a lot of lovely flitting wings!


One more mission coming up.  Still my mission to tell you about it, Reader Dear....

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